SweatSwat Fistband, The Alpha

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The Original SweatSwat fistband- The Alpha. Our flagship product. Designed to eliminate all your sweating problems while running, at the gym, and working outdoors. Our unique SweatSwat fistband easily soaks up and "swats" the sweat away from your face and eyes with a natural motion of your hand, while the microfiber threads pick up and remove germs, dirt, and grime. Too much sweat? Simply squeeze to wring out. The SweatSwat also has our eco-friendly and skin safe nanotechnology oxidizing surface protectant that prevents the growth of microbial germs in order to keep it clean and anti-odor during and after use. Reversible for using a clean side, as well as switching the pad to the top of your hand.

The Alpha is our flagship product, representing our company colors and heritage. Bold, simple, yet distinct, it promotes the mission of SweatSwat in empowering our customers to boldly move on with their active lives, while eliminating the distractions of sweat.




FAQ Regarding SweatSwat Size: Men will typically fit the L/XL while Women and Teens will fit the S/M. If your hand width and first knuckles (not including thumb) are 3.5 inches (9 cm) and less, please order the S/M. If your hand width at first knuckles is wider than 3.5 inches (9 cm), please order the L/XL. 


Size: S/M (Smaller logo- see pic below) or L/XL (Larger logo- see pic below)

Color: Black & Gold

Material: Polyester & Nylon

Protectant: SweatSwat Anti-Odor Protection Formula, Eco-Friendly, and Skin Safe 

Care Instruction: Hand wash only with soap and water

Manufactured: Made in the U.S.A with domestic and imported materials. A Veteran Owned Business.