Our Story

Our company was founded by a combat Veteran that understands the importance of fitness and health, while focusing on functional sweat management products that can eliminate the common nuisance of sweat while living an active lifestyle. Along with a focus on promoting a fit & healthy lifestyle, our company is dedicated to giving back 5% of profits to our local communities by way of providing support to local Veteran non-profits such as the Disabled American Veterans and other community based non-profits.
Our company leadership understands the importance of community and teamwork, and why we have specifically teamed up with local businessess to make SweatSwat and our partners a success, from our Woman-Owned manufacturing partner to our independant retail store partners. We support and collaborate with Small Business Owners in order to promote community and to better serve our customers, from our own city of Keller, TX to other amazing communities across our incredible and diverse country, but with one common trait: We All Sweat




Our Mission

SweatSwat will provide technological and functional driven sweat management products for our customers by incorporating a fitness and health focused lifestyle that gives back to our communities while adapting to innovation. 

Our Values

- Customer Service
- Diversity
- Performance
- Innovative
- Integrity
- Quality
- Teamwork
- Adaptive


"I want to personally thank you for your support of SweatSwat as we are a team that is always striving to provide quality sweat management products to carry on your active lifestyle since We All Sweat!"