Functional , Ergonomic & Essential


The SweatSwat is functional, yet simple. Designed and engineered with advanced microfiber application infused with our anti-odor surface protectant, the SweatSwat is a must have for all your fitness, physical, and work activities that make you break out in a sweat. With the high quality flexible strap and the sweat-wicking microfiber, double sided, and reversible streamlined pad, this is a must have for anyone who sweats. No more having to reach for a towel or carry one, using your shirt to try to wipe your face, using old school terry cotton wrist bands to awkwardly try to reach your face, and dealing with already sweaty and dirty hands to wipe around the eyes from the stinging sweat, dirt, and germs. Simply slip onto your hand, wear it on your palm side or the back of your hand, and go about your activity, allowing you the freedom to use your hand normally while also protecting your hand from a fall. Lastly, the SweatSwat is simple to clean- Just use soap and water at the sink and wring out. Simple. 


The SweatSwat was designed by the Founder, a US Army (Infantry, Airborne, Ranger) Officer Veteran and US Marine Veteran to be as ergonomic as possible for all activities. Be it for a long run, sprint, hike, functional fitness, etc, the SweatSwat needed to be adaptable for many different activities and work, something the Founder learned in his military experience. The adaptability and efficiency of the SweatSwat is beyond remarkable, as even non "fitness" activities still show its value, from a Grill Master working his BBQ, to the dripping sweat one deals with on a hot Texas afternoon on the gun range, working on your car, mowing the lawn, to the burning sun while fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. The SweatSwat's slim yet "hands free" design makes doing any "sweat" activities simply more enjoyable and efficient. 



After using the SweatSwat, we are confident you will agree that it will become an essential piece of gear in all your sweating activities and you will probably have several on hand if you are like us, in your vehicle, gym bag, garage, workplace, boat, golf bag, the list is endless.